About PeaceJam


PeaceJam is an international peace education 501(c)(3) non-profit that has been nominated 8 times for the Nobel Peace Prize for its award- winning curriculum and transformational youth leadership conferences that bring young people face to face with world leaders. For 20 years, PeaceJam has inspired youth leaders worldwide in 39 countries to greatly impact their communities through social action projects in 10 key areas. After identifying an issue, they create a service project and receive mentoring from a Nobel Peace Prize winner at a PeaceJam Conference — inspiring them to be civic-minded, global citizens. The projects range from street cleanups to advocacy campaigns to anti-discrimination rallies.


PeaceJam’s Billion Acts of Peace Campaign has become a global movement, highlighting the positive change that everyday citizens around the world are creating though simple “Acts of Peace” in their corner of the world.



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